London 2012 volunteering

October 12, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen of the world, and other worlds that may be listening in. 

This is the Olympic Park, London 2012, when the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games will be held in less than two years. 

There’s still a bit of building going on but we’re on course, it’s all groovy. 

There won’t be sand, there won’t be lorries and people with hats and building and doing that dump truck thing like you did when you were a kid when you had those toys. They’ll all have gone and it will look beautiful. 

And you, you could well be here. Listen very carefully. 

What we need is volunteers, Games Makers, from the United Kingdom and from around the world.  We need people with common sense, if you lack common sense then just relax and watch it on telly. But the logical people, the people with a sense of humour, without you people, this will not happen. 

You will have to dedicate yourself to this because it’s three days of training and then there will be 10 days where you’ll be working 8 hours a day quite hard work. It could be with a big megaphone shouting at people – in a nice way – or with a clipboard or driving people around, stuff like this. 

Not glamorous work, you won’t be going up to the stars and saying ‘hey’ and ‘hi’ and ‘can we play banjo’ and stuff.  You will not get paid, you will not be flown in by a jet helicopter. 

That sort of stuff is not going to happen. You will be given food and water – orange juice probably, bit of barley water, I don’t know. 

But you will be part of the greatest show on Earth.

So, if you want to be here, to be a Games Maker, fill out the application form and apply. From now until October the 27th, not after the 27th – then it will not happen. 

I will be here, will you be here?

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