Sean Greenwood’s on his sled

February 12, 2014

Sean Greenwood gives an insight into the sled he will use at the Sanki Sliding Centre in Sochi 2014

The Sanki Sliding centres highest point is 836 metres above sea level, its lowest point is at 704 metres above sea level and the finish line 711.50 metres. The 1,184 metre course features 17 curves and is te longest and most safest in the world with three ascent sections.

Skeleton sled background

  • A sled with steel runners and a weighted frame without steering, in which the athlete lays face down and head first in direction, controlling the sled using special spikes on their shoes.
  • Gloves for athletes are made of leather and protect against damage.
  • All athletes wear special durable helmets that protect the head from injury.
  • A track suit made of elastic fabric to tightly encircle the body.
  • Shoes are made of synthetic material and have spikes on the soles.



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