December 5, 2016

For clarity we would like to advise that the Association of World  National Olympic Committees  (ANOC) have very kindly agreed to assist Pat Hickey who is Senior Vice President  of ANOC,  with the required bail bond in Brazil.

Please see below statement from ANOC.

“ANOC can confirm that on humanitarian grounds they have agreed to temporarily loan the bail payment for Patrick Hickey to return home for medical reasons.

The decision was unanimously approved by ANOC President Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah and all ANOC Vice-Presidents via a postal vote on 20th November 2016.

The payment was made as a temporary loan so that Patrick Hickey could meet his bail requirements and return to Ireland where he can receive medical treatment for a heart condition.  The terms of the temporary loan make it clear that it must be repaid to ANOC in full.   For legal reasons, all other terms and conditions surround the bail payment will remain confidential”.

Please note Pat Hickey never requested the Olympic Council of Ireland to assist with any bail bond.

We hope to see Pat Hickey returned to Ireland soon and we stand together with our colleagues in ANOC, European Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Comittee in the presumption of innocence.




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