Olympic Training Camp in Romania adding value to performance

June 25, 2010

The camp programme began on the 17th June and concludes on Tuesday 22nd June. It is providing two sports specific training sessions per day staffed by National Federation coaches.

In addition the OCI are delivering educational  workshops and individual/small group consultations on science, medical and performance planning as the athletes prepare for the World Youth Olympics ( 2010 Singapore) and the European Youth Olympics in  Turkey 2011).

Issues covered include heat and hydration strategies, injury prevention and management, and individual performance planning.

Athletics, Boxing, Cycling, Gymnastics, Rowing and Triathlon sports specific coaches such as AAI’s Director of coaching/development Jacqui Freyne believe that the camp is providing added value, she said,

“for the athletes qualified for Singapore its covering the key performance issues of preparing for their first major Olympic event; it is also providing an insight into whats required for the transition to senior level over the next few years, and is hugely motivational allround”

The Olympic Council  experts in High Performance science, medicine, and performance management are  Giles Warrington,  Rod McLoughlin,  Aidan Woods, Stephen Martin and Ciara Losty.

The camp has been coordinated by OCI sports director Martin Burke.

He said, ” the facilities and multi sport environement at the Romanian National Olympic training centre are superb, and the feedback from athletes and coaches has been very positive. Its a great learning experience for the next generation of Olympic athletes. The coaches  are working hard to ensure the athletes maintain a high standard of application “

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