Results from Winter European Youth Olympic Festival Jaca Spain

February 23, 2007

Ireland’s Niamh Lyons ended the alpine skiing competition on a high in 28th place in the Women’s Giant Slalom. Niamh finished the 1st run in 1:25.55 with a 2nd run of 1:28.32. Niamh also finished in 59th place in the Women’s Special Slalom with a combined score of 2:25.66 (Run 1- 1:12.60, Run 2-1:13.06)

All 3 of Ireland’s alpine skiers finished the Men’s Slalom in the second day of competition. 16 year old Shane McSherra finished in 62nd place with two solid runs of 58.64 and 58.43.

Nicholas McKelvey finished in 65th with a total score of 2:03.74 ( Run 1- 1:03.8, Run 2- 1:00.56). Stephen Dent-Neville finished just behind in 67th with two runs of 1:06.86 and 1:03.82.

In the Men’s Giant Slalom, Stephen finished 53rd overall with a combined score of 2:47.56 ( Run 1-1:24.51, Run 2- 1:23.05)

Stephen McSherra and Nicholas McKelvey unfortunately did not finish the Men’s Giant Slalom.

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