2008 Irish Olympic Team Science, Medical and Team publications

December 11, 2008

They were based on experiences and lessons learned from Athens 2004.The guidelines were produced to assist each sport to work on individual sport and athlete strategies for Beijing in order to optimise performance. The publications are now available on the OCI website.

There are 5 publications in total and include the 2008 Irish Team Handbook.

The booklet provides general guidelines for members of the Irish Team prepearing for the unique challenges of the Beijing Games. The OCI have developed guidelines for Team Managers, coaches and athletes.The guidelines are not designed to be prescriptive. They will help each sport understand the issues and allow for individual preparation strategies, implemented in association with the IIS. In addition to these guidelines other materials are being developed in fact sheet, credit card and poster format.The booklet covers some of the following areas:

background to Beijing,Qingdao, and Hong Kong,travel fatigue,jetlag,climate issues ,hydration strategies,cooling strategies,clothing recommendations,pollution,
pre games and village food

Medical guidelines form part of a process in which the Olympic Medical and Physiotherapy team are working alongside National Federation medical teams to ensure continuity of care for each team member. Medical and physiotherapy reviews for each team member form part of this process.
The booklet focuses on the following medical issues:
Advice before travelling, medical issues in China,footwear and orthotics advice, neck and back management,dental care, drug testing etc.


The booklet addresses psychological factors to consider when preparing for Beijing. These include Cultural issues, Pre Games preparation, pre and post performance strategies, effective use of support team, living in the Olympic enviroment, and advice for First Time Olympians. The booklet was compiled by Niamh Fitzpatrick (OCI Team Psychologist) assisted by Ciara Losty.

4.Olympic Experience:

The Olympic Experience booklet provides quality organisational information for all essential preparations. It serves as an organiser, advisor and record for Team Members. It provides details of the Sports Programmes, Team Travel and Transport, Freight, Performance and Leisure clothing,Olympic Village accomodation and facilities,Medical services ,Team communications and Technology, Press and Media operations,Opening Ceremony and ticketing policies, and useful maps. The booklet was compiled by Dermot Henihan , Stephen Martin and Martin Burke.

5.Team Handbook:

The Olympic Team Handbook provides details of Irish Team Members for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.Athletes, OCI Headquarters,Team Management and Medical support personel.The handbook has messages of support from the Sports Minister Martin Cullen , OCI and European President Pat Hickey, and Chef de Mission Dermot Henihan. The handbook also provides details of our Olympic sponsors, crucial to providing athletes with the best possible planning and Games delivery. The publication was compiled by Jack McGouran.

The OCI Medical Team consists of:

Chief Medical Officer Dr Sean Gaine,
Olympic Medical officer Dr Rod McLoughlin,
Chief Physiotherapist Dr Marie Elaine Grant,
Chief Scientist Dr Giles Warrington
Nutritionist Siobhan Madigan
Psychologist Niamh Fitzpatrick

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