Six NOCs apply to host the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2014

February 4, 2009
A number of NOCs requested additional time to designate the city they wish to put forward as Candidate City. The IOC has extended the deadline for these NOCs to submit the name of their cities to 1 April 2009. As of today, Jakarta 2014 (Indonesia), Nanjing 2014 (China) and Poznan 2014 (Poland) have already been confirmed.
The updated timelines below outline the bid process. The date of the election by the IOC members and of the announcement of the host city remains unchanged.
Updated timelines  – 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games 2014 bid process
Signature of Candidature Procedure and submission of names of Candidate Cities
1 April 2009
Submission of Candidature Files
4 September 2009
IOC Executive Board to draw up list of finalist cities
 December 2009
Publication of Evaluation Commission report
January 2010
Election and announcement of the Host City of the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games at the 122nd IOC Session in Vancouver
February  2010


The first ever World Youth Games will be staged in Singapore in 2010 which will involve young Irish athlete involvement. 

Some 3,594 athletes will compete in Singapore in 26 sports comprising 201 events. The number of sports in the programme is identical to the London 2012 programme. Each event has its own age group* competing, either 15-16 (27 events), 16-17 (111 events) or 17-18 (63 events).

Each NOC is studying the entry criteria at present.

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