London 2012 Continues To Make Positive Progress

November 30, 2009

Commenting after the meeting, IOC Coordination Commission Chairman Denis Oswald said, “Once again, we have had very productive meetings with our partners at London 2012 and we are very positive about the progress that they are making in preparing for the Games.”

He continued, “It is over a year since the Beijing Games came to a close, and LOCOG has clearly been able to learn from its experiences last year and integrate them into planning for 2012. This was evident from the good discussions and sharing of information that we had around a number of topics including venues, infrastructure, workforce, city preparations and LOCOG’s volunteer programme, which will be launched next year.

“LOCOG also updated us on the proposals to move badminton and rhythmic gymnastics to Wembley Arena and we are satisfied with progress on this issue. LOCOG is discussing the proposal with the two International Federations concerned, and we look forward to hearing LOCOG’s position at our Executive Board meeting in December.”

LOCOG Chairman Sebastian Coe commented, “We have been incredibly busy in the last seven months. We have brought nine new sponsors to the table and have now raised a total of nearly GBP 600m. We have made significant progress across all our operation planning, from sports schedules and test events to our ticking and volunteer programmes and the detailed venue and city operations. Our organisation is growing into a lean, focused Organising Committee and we are in great shape. We are delighted that the IOC – which, after all, is the expert in staging the Games – is pleased with our progress and we look forward to demonstrating the continued progress when the Commission visits again next year.”

With venue construction continuing on or ahead of schedule and the Games drawing ever nearer, the focus of this Coordination Commission was largely on operations and planning than on the excellent construction and regeneration work being carried out by the Olympic Delivery Authority.

With this in mind, the Commission spent time discussing with LOCOG and its partners, including the Government and the Mayor of London’s office, a number of operational subjects including athlete services, ticketing, city operations, technology, press operations, transport, sport and Paralympic Games operations.

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