Sponsorship guidance

February 23, 2011

As the London Games 2012 is fast approaching the OCI has been meeting with agents who represent some of our top athletes to provide guidance on how personal sponsors should abide by the guidelines as set out in the Olympic Charter. 

 In addition, the OCI (pursuant to the Olympic Charter) owns and controls the exclusive rights in Ireland to all advertising, marketing and promotion in respect of all Summer and Winter Olympic games and all associated continental and Youth Olympic Games.


 OCI Chief Executive Stephen Martin said, “The OCI is responsible for the participation of Irish athletes at the Olympic Games and has the exclusive authority for the representation of Ireland at the Olympic Games. It is very important that athletes and their agents are fully aware of the rules and regulations and that they work with the OCI to protect the athletes, the OCI and our sponsors in the build up to London 2012”



Note; The OCI hold workshops for its local and Top Sponsors at which sponsor’s Olympic activation campaigns are shared and the OCI keeps a watchful eye on any attempts by non Olympic sponsors in relation to ambush marketing.
















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