O'Shea makes final

July 26, 2011

O’Shea didn’t get off the blocks as quick as his rivals but had a very strong finish………..details to follow

A superb time and looked to have enjoyed the race judging by his reaction at the finish.

Prior to the EYOF his target was to make the final and run a PB…. well done Greg on achieving a PB and a place in the final of the 100m by 1/100 of a second. 


Name: Greg O Shea

Sport/Event: Atheltics 100/200m

What are your goals/aspirations coming into Trabzon 2011?

To make the final and run a pb


Describe your most memorable performance to date; including time/finishing place, location, etc.

Munster clubs 2010, in Cork, I won the 100 and 200 running to pbs, 11.15 and 22.5


Who do you admire as an ‘Athletic Hero’ and why?

I admire Tyson Gay because his technique to me is perfect and i wish to run as well as him someday


What is your favourite sports team?

Munster Rugby Team


If you could have an appearance on any television show, which character and show would you choose?

Homer Simpson on the Simpsons


What is your favourite type of music?

Acoustic, one instrument


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

 Australia, because i have always wanted to go there, perfect weather, beautiful scenery, beaches, women, just my dream place to live.



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