33rd Warsaw Marathon/Poland

September 26, 2011

Pat Hickey was in Warsaw/Poland at the weekend in his capacity as European Olympic Committees President. He officially opened the 33rd Warsaw Marathon in Memory of Piotr Nurowski with the Polish Olympic Committee President – Mr. Andrzej Kraśnicki and Spouse ( Mrs. Elisabeth Nurowska and Family) of former Polish Olympic Committee President Mr. Piotr Nurowski (who tragically died in an air disaster). The EOC President – Pat Hickey also gave the EOC Memory Plaques to the Organizing Committee of the Warsaw Marathon as well as to Polish NOC.

After the race, Pat Hickey in the company of Presidents from the Cyprus, Danish and Polish Olympic Committees, paid a tribute to Mr. Piotr Nurowski, at the Powązki Cemetery Heroe`s Alley.

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