Windsurfing at Rio

November 13, 2012

Windsurfing will remain in the Olympic Games at Rio 2016 after the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) reversed a controversial decision to replace it with kite boarding.

Both men’s and women’s windsurfing will be retained after a vote at the governing body’s annual meeting in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland.

The reversal comes after a surprise decision at the Mid Year Meeting of the ISAF Council in Stresa, Italy, in May to drop windsurfing for kite boarding following London 2012.

Delegates later blamed the move on confusion due to language difficulties and had been lobbying to get the decision overturned. 

Spain was among the countries that admitted that their delegate had voted incorrectly because they were confused by the translation at the time.

The ISAF at the time described the move as a “fantastic addition,” but windsurfing federations vowed to pressurize sailing chiefs to reinstate their sport.

Kite boarding’s dream of being an Olympic discipline have been ended after ISAF delegates voted to retain windsurfing at Rio 2016

A majority vote of 51 to 40 decided to delete kite boarding and re-instate windsurfing, which has been in the Olympics since Los Angeles in 1984 for the men and 1992 in Barcelona in 1992.

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