Rio 2016

March 13, 2013

Following the success of the Olympic 4 year  games operational strategy for London  the OCI were in Rio to check out the 2016 competition venue and village set up and training camp options.

Taking note of the critical success factors for multi sport training camps based on recent London experiences, they investigated multi sport training camp options  in Rio and nearby Bele Horizonte and Uberlandia.

Prior to the visit they undertook extensive desk top research and consultated with Rio 2016 with the aim to narrow down options for pre Games and Games time operations.

OCI Chief Executive Stephen Martin and Dr Giles Warrington ( who managed the London training base) , visited locations in Rio, Bele Horizonte and Uberlandia.

The OCI is one of the first countries to visit Rio Organising Committee, Olympic Village and Competition Venues,  and investgate training camp sites.

Its an important step to ensure Team Ireland have the best possible support in place pre and during the Games for the Olympic Team and for sports who may take the opportunity to train and compete there over the next few years.

Based on the findings the OCI will now process the information and discuss further with Performance Directors; this will help develope strategies of support for 2013-16.



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