Team Ireland Competition Timeline

February 13, 2014

 Sean Greenwood


14th February   4.30pm – 9.40pm

 15th February  6.45pm  -9.05pm


 Jan Rossiter

 Cross Country skiing 15km classic: 

14th February between 2.00pm – 3.55pm





Florence Bell 

 Women’s Giant Slalom: 18th February 11am-1pm and 2.30pm- 4.10pm

 Slalom:  21st February  4.45pm -6pm and 8.15pm – 8.20pm


Conor Lyne

Men’s Giant Slalom:  19 February 11am-1pm and 2.30pm-4.10pm

Slalom: 22nd February   4.45pm – 8.15pm -9.50pm


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