Gillick comes of age

August 22, 2009

“the runs I’ve had all season have been very consistent. But I know as well now it’s about doing it at the championships, being able to do something when it really matters, and thankfully I’ve been able to that here this week.”

OCI Chief Executive Stephen Martin said, “There were alot of people who thought that David had reached his peak and was just a decent indoor athlete. He underperformed and had a poor Beijing Games and had difficulty coming to terms with it. He hadn’t broken under 45 secs and wasn’t considered world class outdoor. Thats all changed this year. Lets hope this is a new beginning for him. Performing consistently and performing at major championships is what we’d all like to see over the next few years. He should have gained alot of  confidence from his 2009 season and needs to push on from here”

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