Mens hockey step up a gear

June 14, 2011

Coach Paul Revington has selected two squads after getting to see a large number of athletes in action last weekend in a triple header against Wales. The two squads will have matches in the Cardiff Celtic Cup and a Dublin Four nation event.

Revington said “Both events take place very close to one another and while school and university exams have also dictated how we select through this period this challenge allows the Squad another opportunity to test our strength in depth and also expose several younger players to a higher level of international competition. The Squad are all excited to be back together again and especially facing the prospect of the quality international action at both events.”

Revington who has gone with a more experienced squad for the UCD 4 Nations Cup is also affording the opportunity for three players to secure their first caps, Stephen West, Kyle Good and Ian Sloan.

The events will see Ireland play against Scotland, France and Wales in the Celtic Cup while the UCD 4 Nations brings in teams from further afield such as Pakistan and China.

Celtic Cup Squad, Cardiff Wales 17th -19th June

 Ames, David (Beeston) 32

 Blakeney, Peter (Three Rock Rovers) 16

 Bruton, Jonny (YMCA) 2

 Cargo, Chris (Reading) 18

 Carroll, Kenny (Railway Union) 2

 Carson, David (Corinthians) 3

 Caruth, Peter (Annadale) 27

 Fitzgerald, David (Monkstown) 2

 Flannery, Ronan (Pembroke) 3

 Gleghorne, Paul (Instonians) 25

 Good, Kyle (Monkstown) 0

 Jackson, John (Mossley) 59

 Lynch, Jason (Lisnagarvey) 12

 Maguire, Michael (Three Rock Rovers) 13

 McConnell, Andy (Hurley) 33

 Sykes, Richard (Monkstown) 1

Watkins, Gareth (Monkstown) 9

 West, Stephen (Three Rock Rovers) 0

 Paul Revington (Coach) Peter Jackson (Manager) David Richards (Physio) Jonny Caren (S&C/Video)


UCD 4 Nations Squad 20th – 25th June, UCD, Dublin

 Ames, David (Beeston) 32

Brennan, Joe (Glenanne) 50

 Cockram, Tim (Lisnagarvey) 114

Darling, Mitch (Den Bosch) 59

Gormley, Ronan (Club de Campo) – Capt 112

Harte, Conor (SCHC) 58

 Harte, David (SCHC) 62

 Jermyn, John (Cork Church of Ireland) 118

 Lewis, Tim (Krefelder) 70

 Loughrey, Stuart (Loughborough) 2

 Magee, Eugene (Dragons) 118

Maguire, Phelie (Leuven) 94

 McCabe, Geoff (Santander) 80

 McCandless, Bruce (Banbridge) 14

O’Donoghue, Shane (Glenanne) 1

Sloan, Ian (Cookstown) 0

Walker, Iain (YMCA) 31

Watt, Michael (Santander) 70

Paul Revington (Coach) Peter Jackson (Manager) Arul Anthoni (Asst. Coach and Asst. Manager) Stephen Barry (S&C and Video) David Richards (Physio) Tristan Seaton-Stedham (Video) Unavailable due to injury: Alan Sothern; Brian Doherty

Unavailable for selection: Alan Giles; Adam Pritchard

Celtic Cup Match Schedule, Cardiff, Wale; 17th -19th June Fri 17 June Ireland v Scotland Cardiff 16:00 Sat 18 June Ireland v France Cardiff 14:00 Sun 19 June Ireland v Wales Cardiff 13:15

UCD Men’s 4 Nations: UCD 20th – 25th June Mon 20 June Pakistan v France 18.00 Ireland v China 20:00 Weds 22 June China v Pakistan 18.00 Ireland v France UCD 20:00 Fri 24 June France v China 12.30 Ireland v Pakistan UCD 20:00 Sat 25 June Playoffs 3/4th and 1/2nd UCD 18:00/20:00

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