World class venue for Shooting

August 4, 2008

Team Leader Kevin Kilty says ” The venue must rank as one of the very best in the world and unlikely to be eclipsed in its facilities and calibre of the ranges”. He went on to describe the preparations of Derek and his support team. “We have our full support team here including Prof. Peter Terry to ensure that Derek has all the aadvantages neccesary to ensure that he is in top form for his event.” The range of work that is being undertaken at the moment revolves around adjusting to the shooting range and the environment. Weather always plays a strong part in shooting and careful preprations are being taken to ensure that no surprises are encountered.

“We are indebted to the support we are recieving here in the village and at the venue to the Olympic Council of Ireland and its extremely professional staff that are here. We have already made full use of the medical services and the logistical support that we need in getting our equipment to the venue. It is so important to us that as much of the stress as possible surrounding competition is removed from us and to that effect the Olympic Councils team here has been fantastic” says Kilty.

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