Psychological support for team in Beijing

August 6, 2008

The intellectual capital gained from that experience in addition to her work with National Federations over the past 4 years puts her in a good position to provide effective psychological support to the team in Beijing.

Therefore her specific role at Games time is to be available for any team member as required.

Niamh FitzpatrickNiamh commented, “In Ireland sports psychology is often perceived as a service that is used to deal with crisis. It’s important moving forward that psychological intervention and training become part of the culture when it comes to planning and organisation of  high performance programmes”

The other key element of course is in assisting the athletes and staff to deliver on the programme, both on and off the field of play.

She added “to maximise chances for success at any major championships, athletes and support staff should arrive already mentally prepared to perform. In reality and from experience of previous Games, we know that there are issues that emerge that require professional interventions on site and that’s part of my role in Beijing”

Niamh is a member of The Olympic Council’s Science and Medical Advisory Group, has been involved in the OCI’s 2008 Games team member publications. She has worked with National Federations and individual athletes in preparing for the major Games.

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