Staying focused in Beijing

August 6, 2008

Martin is an Olympic champion from the 1988 Games , the last time the Summer Games were held in the far east.

He has been to 8 previous Olympic Games as athlete (3) and administrator (5) and he commented on the fact that many athletes and officials can easily lose their focus. In the past few years the OCI’s Team management programme have reinforced the need for each sport to deal with a number of issues which can affect their performance.  

He said ” too much time walking around the village, eating more than normal, trying new routines or techniques, over training, becoming bored, are just some of the issues that can impair performance “

He added “thats why athletes and officials need to look at how they structure their day, to include training , rest and recovery, making time for food and fluid intake and planning for competition. It should be no different than any other major championship.

Its important that the final few weeks before any major championship are utilised properly, and this has been highlighted as a major issue with all sports. Olympic Games, like any other major championship is all about performance and minimising distractions!”

The Irish Sports Council have been responsible for Government investment in High Performance Sport since post Atlanta 1996, and many observers in Beijing are expecting a positive output in performances of Irish athletes in Beijing 2008.

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