Hickey IOC Adjudicater at Olympic Boxing Draw

August 9, 2008

Light Heavyweight (81kg): Preliminary Round – Kenny Egan (Ireland) v Julius Jackson (Virgin Islands), Saturday, August 9, 3.30pm local time/8.30pm Irish time

Middleweight (75kg): Round of 16 – Darren Sutherland (Ireland) v Nabil Kassel (Algeria), date and time to be confirmed

Light Welterweight (64kg): Preliminary Round – John Joe Joyce (Ireland) v Gyula Kate (Hungary), Sunday, August 10, 2.30pm local time/7.30am Irish time

Bantamweight (54kg): Preliminary Round – John Joe Nevin (Ireland) v Abdelhalim Ourradi (Algeria), Tuesday, August 12, 9.30pm local time/2.30pm Irish time

Light Flyweight (48kg): Round of 16 – Paddy Barnes (Ireland) v Jose Luis Meza (Ecuador), date and time to be confirmed

The boxers visited the venue that they will compete in and were all impressed with the Arena. Ken Egan is the first Irish boxer into the ring on Saturday at 3.30pm Beijing Time. His oppenent is Julian Jackson , Virgin IslandsBilly Walsh

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