OCI issue guidance on Zika Virus

February 9, 2016

With 178 days to Rio 2016, the Olympic Council of Ireland’s operational planning with National Federations is ongoing to ensure the best possible preparation and guidance for Team Ireland athletes and performance support staff.

In relation to the  Zika virus outbreak our OCI medical team met with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Department of Health to discuss specific guidance based on the latest medical advice.

This is being issued today to National Federation Team Leaders to share with their athletes and performance staff.

The guidance note reaffirms the facts about Zika and focuses on mosquito bite prevention strategies which are key.

It also recommends that individuals adopt the latest Government advice, which advises that pregnant women should consider their travel options to areas with active Zika transmission, and anyone who does decide to go should seek  travel health advice from their doctor or a travel clinic well in advance of their trip.

The Olympic Council of Ireland has no higher priority than the safety and health of its athletes and delegation and based on the information currently available plans for Team Ireland’s participation in Rio 2016 continue.

The OCI will continue to monitor the situation over the coming months, staying in close contact with Rio 2016, the International Olympic Committee and with Irish Government’s Departments to ensure we continue to proactively offer the latest and best possible advice.

OCI Zika QA Athletes 080216


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