First Youth Olympic Games medals unveiled!

August 4, 2010

Competition takes place between 15 and 26 August, where the best performing athletes will be awarded this specially designed medal.
The obverse design was created by Setsuko Fukuzawa from Japan, winner of the Medal Design Competition held by the International Olympic Committee in the build-up to Singapore 2010. Her medal features the flames and waves, symbolising the Olympic spirit and the cheering of athletes. The Olympian’s body shaped in a ‘Y’ is reminiscent of Goddess Nike and stands for Youth, as referred to in the “Yes Youth Can” slogan, the name that Setsuko gave to her creation. The reverse side features the mythical lion synonymous with Singapore, and emblem for the Games, which represents the spirit of youth.
To all the young athletes, the medals are there for the taking… Gold, silver and bronze!
Catch the victory ceremonies live – visit the Cube for more information in the coming days

Below is the YouTube link to the making of the medals video

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