Sean Greenwood – Skeleton

February 10, 2014

Official practice for Sean Greenwood this morning at the Sanki Sliding Centre. He has two runs 11.20am and 12.20am.

With coach Jeff Pain (Canadian Olympic Silver Medallist Turin 2006) , Sean continues to analyse the track and prepare race plans for the men’s skeleton event on February 14/15 .

The Sanki Sliding centres highest point is 836 metres above sea level, its lowest point is at 704 metres above sea level and the finish line 711.50 metres. The 1,184 metre course features 17 curves and is te longest and most safest in the world with three ascent sections.

Sean had race practice here in late 2013 and constantly has to visualise and study notes on the fastest way down the track.



















Born in Vancouver, Sean, age 26, grew up in Western Canada and partly on the west coast of Ireland.

His mother, Sibéal Foyle (Ní Fhoighíl) emigrated to Canada from Galway in the early 1980′s and maintains deep family connections in Ireland. His father is Canadian, a chartered business valuator. Sean started skeleton racing in 2008 following a sporting career in competitive rugby.

After gaining a BA in Economics from the University of Calgary, he decided to take the opportunity to slide at the site of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Whistler BC, on the world’s fastest skeleton track.

A commercial helicopter pilot, Sean is based in Whistler, Canada working on fitness, sled preparation and general racing experience in order to compete for Team Ireland for four runs against the best in the world.

To date, Sean has performed impressively, winning gold, silver and bronze medals in the North America’s Cup in Whistler and New York’s Lake Placid, and at the Elektro Melcher competitions in San Moritz. Switzerland. He recently gained a World Cup spot as a result of his 2012-13 season and is currently ranked 25th in the world.



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