Olympic 15km Classic Cross Country

February 12, 2014

The 15km classic cross country will be held at Laura Cross Country Centre on the 14th February at 14.00 hrs.

In the individual race, the skiers start at 30-second intervals, and the competitor who covers the distance in the shortest time wins. Participants start in reverse order to their ranking for the season, meaning the athletes ranked highest start last. Just like in F1 racing skiers who are overtaken by faster competitors must step aside if necessary to allow the faster skier to pass. At the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, men will race in the classical style for 15 km, and ladies for 10 km.

  • Classic technique cross-country ski boots are similar to racing boots. Free technique boots are stiffer, allowing the ankle guard to remain more firmly in place during the race. The bindings secure the skier’s boots to the skis.
  • For the classic technique, the ski poles can extend to the skier’s armpit when standing. For free technique, the poles are generally longer, and can reach the skier’s shoulder or chin. Usually poles are made of a carbon-fiber or fiberglass composite.
  • Skis help to optimize the distribution of the skier’s weight, allowing him to move faster.
  • Ski wax comes in two types — either for gliding or for gripping (to prevent the skis from slipping backward when pushing off in the classic technique). The choice depends on the type of snow, weather conditions, humidity, and other factors.
  • The skier’s suit is made from a special stretchable fabric (lycra) that significantly reduces wind resistance during the race.

Ireland’s Jan Rossiter competes in the 15km Classic Cross Country event for Team Ireland. The Laura Centre has a capacity crowd of 7,500 with circuits that drop 80 metres relative to the stadium. Its 1450 metres above sea level and very challenging. Rossiter said that he even reached up to 70km per hour on one downhill section. The 15km will take place on February 14th at 14.00 Sochi time.Jan Rossiter

Jan was born in Cork, Ireland to an Irish father and Czech mother. He grew up in Kingston, Ontario – a town with a rather Irish climate and no ski club. While completing a degree in Physiology at McGill University he was introduced to cross country ski racing. He then moved to Ottawa to complete a program in respiratory therapy at Algonquin College. Jan is currently living, working and training in Kingston, Ontario.


Rossiter to fulfill Olympic Dream

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